# Introduction

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AdvancedOreGen (opens new window) is a superior ore generation plugin that comes with a handy GUI interface and a few additions on top of CustomOreGen.

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# Features

All features from CustomOreGen plus:

  • Simple configuration
    • Configuration via an inventory interface - No need to reload
  • Selactable generators
    • Your users can select between multiple generators they have unlocked in a nice GUI
  • Offline owner support
    • Works when the island owner is offline (caching of permission).
  • AFK feature
    • You can define a generator a player would get as soon as the player is afk.
  • Permission AND Level
    • Generator are choosen by both permission and level, so you can create VIP generators etc.
  • Fence Generators
    • You can enable this in the config.yml
  • Placeholders
  • ItemsAdder (opens new window) is supported, so you can use custom blocks.
  • Works with a large varity of SkyBlock plugins, see CustomOreGen.
  • Fast generators (Turn obsidian into a normal generator instead that is faster)