# Default config.yml

# You can create generators as much as you want.
# Important: All generators should be named "generator1", "generator2", etc. 
# You can define the spawnrates of any block in the blocks-section.
# The spawnrates are in percent, for example 57.3 are 57,3%.
# All values together should be 100%. If all values together are higher or lower as 100, the plugin would'nt work correctly.
# The permissions are custom, so you can make a generator for VIPS, and give them the permission "oregen.vip".
# Are you finish with configuring? Just type /customoregen to reload the plugin!

# Note: If the Island's owner is offline, the cobblestone generator would be choose the first Generator-Config.

    # default generator
    # name of the generator (does not need to be set, just for placeholders)
    label: "beginner"
    # Please use Bukkit-Blocknames. List: https://hub.spigotmc.org/javadocs/bukkit/org/bukkit/Material.html
    - STONE:50.0
    - SANDSTONE:40.0
    - IRON_ORE:10.0
    permission: ''
    # You can also define from what level the generator should be activated. Example: Leave all permissions empty and
    # only work with the island Level. The plugin would only consider the islandLevel then.
    unlock_islandLevel: 0
    # vip generator, VIPS need generators.vip permission
    label: "VIP"
    - IRON_ORE:90.0
    - STONE:5.0
    - SANDSTONE:5.0
    permission: 'oregen.vip'
    unlock_islandLevel: 0
# Here you can define worlds where the generator should not work
- "world_nether"

enable-stone-generator: false