# Introduction

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DropEdit2 (opens new window) is a GUI based plugin that makes configuring new drops easy. The plugin lets you change drops from blocks, from mobs and from fishing. Thanks to the GUI, you're able to add any item you want, including those with lores, displaynames, enchantments and even NBT-Data! In addition, DropEdit2 offers a menu for setting a custom experience drop for killing mobs, mining blocks and catching fishes. In addition, you can add commands that are executed when "dropped".

Compatible with Folia.

# Features

  • Custom item drops by chance (also below 1%)
  • Two modes: precise or simple mode.
  • Any item type supported
  • Editable mob drops, block drops and fishing drops:
    • Experience drops
    • Spawn flags (disallow drops from e.g. spawners)
    • Togglable vanilla drops
  • Mobs from MythicMobs and ModelEngine supported
  • Batch containers (You can drop multiple drops at once)
  • Command drops
  • .. and much more!