# Commands and Permissions

# /sell

  • Permission: ushop.use
  • Type: user

Opens the shop GUI, command name can be changed in config.yml.

# /ushop open <player>

  • Permission: ushop.admin
  • Type: console

Opens the shop GUI for another player.

# /ushop add <price> [Flags ...]

  • Permission: ushop.admin

  • Type: admin

  • Flags: ignore_enchantments, ignore_durability, ignore_lore, ignore_displayname, ignore_meta

Puts a price on an item. Respects all meta data when no flag is set. So it puts a price on an item for its custom lore, displayname, durability and enchants.

# /ushop convert

  • Permission: customoregen.admin
  • Type: admin

It will convert all prices inside the plugins/Essentials/worth.yml file to uShop.