# Commands and Permissions

# Commands

/safarinet or /sn

# /safarinet reload

  • Permission: safarinet.reload
  • Type: admin Reloads the configurations and recipes.

# /safarinet give <player> <singleuse/reusable> [amount]

  • Permission: safarinet.give
  • Type: admin Gives empty safarinets to a player at a certain amount and type.

# /safarinet set <singleuse/reusable>

  • Permission: safarinet.set
  • Type: admin Sets the default safarinet item for the specified egg type to the item in hand. Supports custom model data.

# /safarinet recipe <singleuse/reusable>

  • Permission: safarinet.recipe
  • Type: user Shows the recipes in chat.

# /safarinet inspect

  • Permission: safarinet.inspect
  • Type: admin Shows the NBT-String of the entity stored in the safarinet holding in hand.

# Permissions

# safarinet.craft.singleuse

Allows crafting of singleuse eggs.

# safarinet.craft.reusable

Allows crafting of reusable eggs.

# safarinet.use

Used to allow both release and capturing of mobs.

# safarinet.use.singleuse

Allow only singleuse egg catching.

# safarinet.use.reusable

Allow only reusable catching.

# safarinet.release.<mob|passive>

Per-mob permssion. Allows to release this mob type, or all passive mobs. Must be enabled in config.

# safarinet.capture.<mob|passive>

Per-mob permssion. Allows to capture this mob type, or all passive mobs. Must be enabled in config.

# safarinet.releasemob.use, safarinet.capturemob.use

These 2 permissions can be used instead of safarinet.use to allow everyone to release mobs while allowing only a donator rank(or other) to capture them.

# safarinet.changespawnertype.primitiv.<entity-type>

Permission for changing spawner types more.